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Broomhead, Acta Crystallogr. He recognized the similarity of the space group Franklin had calculated to that of his thesis molecule, hemoglobin, and immediately deduced that there would be an antiparallel orientation between the two DNA coaxial fibers. On several occasions, Crick has acknowledged that the data and conclusions in the report were essential.

On 18 March , Wilkins penned a letter acknowledging receipt of the Watson and Crick manuscript that described the structure of DNA. A day earlier, Franklin, who was preparing to leave for Birkbeck, polished an already written draft manuscript outlining her conclusions about the double-helix backbone chain of B-form DNA. Franklin only slightly modified her draft to prepare her April Nature paper, which appeared as the third in a series that led off with the famous Watson and Crick proposal. Kass-Simon, P.

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Farnes, eds. Press, Bloomington, Ind. Press , Baltimore, Md. In addition, Wilkins, not Franklin, was nominated for membership in the Royal Society even though, at the time of his nomination, Franklin was famous for her TMV accomplishments. Franklin was an outstanding and accomplished scientist—a fascinating individual with a strong personality who made a lasting impression on almost everyone she met.

Throughout her career, she routinely ate lunch amicably with both male and female colleagues and most of her acquaintances liked her. Her numerous lifelong friends thought her bright, fascinating, witty, and fun. When Rosalind headed for the laboratory, she shed almost every vestige of lightheartedness as she focused exclusively on her work.

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Furthermore, in what amounted almost to social heresy in England, en route to her laboratory she typically bypassed the morning coffeepot and afternoon tea in favor of a direct assault on her work. She was exceedingly direct, intent, and serious, with the tendency to leap into passionate debate.

She could be assertive, uniquely stubborn, argumentative, and abrasive to the point that colleagues, especially Wilkins, sometimes found her unpleasant. Whereas Franklin was quick, intense, assertive, and directly confrontational, Wilkins was exceedingly shy, indirect, and slowly calculating to the point of appearing plodding. John Randall, director of the MRC, also deserves some share of the blame. Randall and Wilkins did make some important accommodations for Franklin. They hired her into a senior position based on her expertise.

They gave her an excellent laboratory, the highest quality DNA, and a decent budget. However, numerous MRC women, although very well treated for that era, did not receive precisely equal treatment with men. Box 1. Questions about her capabilities have centered on her ability to make intuitive leaps when interpreting results, mainly because she seemed hesitant to do so in her DNA work. Franklin often expressed the opinion that the facts should speak for themselves. Her desire to have solid proof for her ideas before publishing them helps explain her highly successful publication record.

She argued that a scientist need not be highly speculative, which gave the impression that she was incapable of speculation. She once told me the facts will speak for themselves, but never fully accepted my urging that she must try to help the receptor of her messages…. As you point out, the logical sequential arguments meant everything to Rosalind…. See also ref. He has noted, though, that the problem might not have been that Franklin lacked intuition, but rather that she might not have trusted it. As a condition to agreeing to transfer her fellowship to Birkbeck, Randall made Franklin promise not to perform additional experiments on DNA, or even to think about DNA.

Even today, I and many of my women colleagues find that forcefully aggressive behavior, for example, is usually considered merely irritating when exhibited by a man but is often deemed unacceptable when demonstrated by a woman. Box 2. That greatly annoyed Rosalind Franklin, as did so many things about him.

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Franklin was well aware that the x-ray diffraction photographs of the A form, unlike those of the B form, lacked the clear X-shaped pattern indicative of a helix. Instead, they displayed a detailed and confusing assortment of reflections that she could only interpret through the complicated and daunting procedure of cylindrical Patterson analysis.

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Therefore, when, over a period of about five months starting on 18 April , Franklin recorded some misleading, apparently asymmetrical double orientation data in the A form, she got perverse pleasure out of possibly annoying Wilkins with her result. That she wrote the invitation is clearly substantiated in interviews with Raymond Gosling and Wilkins and in many other professional accounts. The extent and significance of the distribution of the invitation is another matter. During interviews, only diffraction expert Alec Stokes said that he had received one.

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A few people said that they saw an invitation posted on a bulletin board, and most said that they had never even seen one. That testimony is incompatible with the often repeated claim that a multitude of these cards were sent out. Historians Horace Judson and Robert Olby argued that the invitation indicated Franklin was antihelical, although Olby notes it was a joke as well. Portugal, J. In The Double Helix , Watson bases his account of Franklin on recollections of their three brief meetings between and , and on repeated complaints about her from Wilkins. His book was published against the vehement protest of key DNA participants, who were upset about its numerous inaccuracies.

See for example, W. Sullivan in J. Stent, ed. Norton, New York That such a one-sided account both is presented as historical fact and has had tremendous influence is worrisome.

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Norton, Each codon specifies an amino acid which is added to the protein during synthesis. In , the three scientists were rewarded for their work with the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine. However, it is important to remember that this discovery was dependant on many other scientists before them. Miescher, Hershey and Chase, Chargaff, Wilkins and Franklin, and all the others mentioned here all deserve to be acknowledged for their work in helping to unravel the fundamental role of DNA in biology.

Their research has provided the foundation on which the science of genomics is built and enabled the great strides being made today in our understanding of genetics. DNA or deoxyribonucleic acid is a long molecule that contains our unique genetic code. Like a recipe book it holds the instructions for making all the proteins in our bodies.

The DNA code contains instructions needed to make the proteins and molecules essential for our growth, development and health. Read on to find out Can you spare minutes to tell us what you think of this website? Open survey. In: Stories In the Cell. Related Content:. What is DNA? The results? Unparalleled depth and precision. You can view a wider range of planes with superior depth resolution—more than 3x that of other solutions.

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Traditional light microscopy is limited by the diffraction of light to nm in the lateral dimension x-y and nm in the axial dimension z. Super-resolution imaging breaks the diffraction barrier, enabling you to see structures as small as nm laterally. But this 2D image shows only 1 micron in the axial dimension, losing depth information near and far.

This image shows a depth of 3 microns, encoded in color.