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However, now I find myself about to start my third year of college in the US and I would like to share my story of how I got there. Since I was little, I have always dreamt to become a professional soccer player, but my parents have always reminded me that education would have been what would help me bring the bread on the table, not soccer.

Like in June has come, high school diploma had been pursued and now I had to decide what to do. One night, I was in the car with one of my best friends who, even though older and had already been working for several years, wanted to do an experience abroad. That was when I decided to go to Australia with the well-known Working Holiday Visa, a one-year visa that enables applicants to legally work in the country. I wanted to learn English, and finally be able to save some money because the real dream…was to study in the United States.

As all foreigners at their first experience abroad, I have also gone through thousands obstacles resulting from being an emigrant not mastering the local language. However, despite those thousands obstacles, I managed to find a job in two different restaurants where I worked up to 70 hours per week.

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That year flew by quickly, and finally it was time to go back to my lovely family and friends. Once the euphoria for my return was over, I felt like my world was closing in on me. But I pride it open with the internet, looking for possibilities to learn and explore! And there it was! The opportunity to be an Au Pair in the United States!

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So here I found myself on a plane again. Diari Aperti Live Brescia , Italy. Diari Aperti Live Bari , Italy. Diari Aperti Live Acireale , Italy.

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Diari Aperti Live Firenze , Italy. Diari Aperti Live Roma , Italy. Live Stats Popular songs Top 10 most played songs by Elisa in the last 40 concerts. Listen to the best songs first Luce tramonti a nord est. L'anima vola. Heaven Out of Hell. Gli ostacoli del cuore. A modo tuo. Eppure sentire un senso di te. Se piovesse il tuo nome. Setlist profile Songs to be played live were released on the following albums:. Anche fragile.

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In July for Italian preview are release Caterpillar , the international version of Soundtrack'' Soundtrack''06 is the most selling album in Italy in , it is the most downloaded album from iTunes Italy in Italy covers an area of , km2 and has a temperate seasonal and Mediterranean climate. With around 61 million inhabitants, it is the fourth-most populous EU member state and the most populous country in Southern Europe. Due to its central geographic location in Southern Europe and the Mediterranean, Italy has been home to a myriad of peoples and cultures.

In addition to the various ancient peoples dispersed throughout modern-day Italy, the most famous of which being the Indo-European Italics who gave the peninsula its name, beginning from the classical era and Carthaginians founded colonies in insular Italy and Genoa , Greeks established settlements in the so-called Magna Graecia , while Etruscans and Celts inhabited central and northern Italy respectively; the Italic tribe known as the Latins formed the Roman Kingdom in the 8th century BC, which became a republic with a government of the Senate and the People.

The Roman Republic conquered and assimilated its neighbours on the peninsula, in some cases through the establishment of federations, the Republic expanded and conquered parts of Europe , North Africa and the Middle East. By the first century BC, the Roman Empire emerged as the dominant power in the Mediterranean Basin and became the leading cultural and religious centre of Western civilisation, inaugurating the Pax Romana , a period of more than years during which Italy's technology, economy and literature flourished. Italy remained the metropole of the Roman Empire; the legacy of the Roman Empire endured its fall and can be observed in the global distribution of culture, governments and the Latin script.

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During the Early Middle Ages , Italy endured sociopolitical collapse and barbarian invasions, but by the 11th century, numerous rival city-states and maritime republics in the northern and central regions of Italy, rose to great prosperity through shipping and banking, laying the groundwork for modern capitalism. These independent statelets served as Europe's main trading hubs with Asia and the Near East enjoying a greater degree of democracy than the larger feudal monarchies that were consolidating throughout Europe.

The Renaissance began in Italy and spread to the rest of Europe, bringing a renewed interest in humanism , science and art. Italian culture flourished, producing famous scholars and polymaths such as Michelangelo , Leonardo da Vinci , Raphael and Machiavelli. Italy's commercial and political power waned with the opening of trade routes that bypassed the Mediterranean. Centuries of infighting between the Italian city-states, such as the Italian Wars of the 15th and 16th centuries, left the region fragmented, it was subsequently conquered and further divided by European powers such as France and Austria.

By the midth century, rising Italian nationalism and calls for independence from foreign control led to a period of revolutionary political upheaval.

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After centuries of foreign domination and political division, Italy was entirely unified in , establishing the Kingdom of Italy as a great power. From the late 19th century to the early 20th century, Italy industrialised, namely in the north, acquired a colonial empire, while the south remained impoverished and excluded from industrialisation , fuelling a large and influential diaspora. Despite being one of the main victors in World War I , Italy entered a period of economic crisis and social turmoil, leading to the rise of a fascist dictatorship in Following the liberation of Italy and the rise of the resistance, the country abolished the monarchy, reinstated democracy, enjoyed a prolonged economic boom and, despite periods of sociopolitical turmoil became a developed country.

Today, Italy is considered to be one of the world's most culturally and economically advanced countries, with the sixth-largest worldwide national wealth. Its advanced economy ranks eighth-largest in the world and third in the Eurozone by nominal GDP. Italy owns the third-largest central bank gold reserve, it has a high level of human development, it stands among the top countries for life expectancy. The country plays a prominent role in regional and global economic, military and diplomatic affairs.

Record producer A record producer or music producer oversees and manages the sound recording and production of a band or performer's music, which may range from recording one song to recording a lengthy concept album. A producer may also: Select session musicians to play rhythm section accompaniment parts or solos Co-write Propose changes to the song arrangements Coach the singers and musicians in the studioThe producer supervises the entire process from preproduction, through to the sound recording and mixing stages, and, in some cases, all the way to the audio mastering stage; the producer may perform these roles themselves, or help select the engineer, provide suggestions to the engineer.

The producer may pay session musicians and engineers and ensure that the entire project is completed within the record label's budget. A record producer or music producer has a broad role in overseeing and managing the recording and production of a band or performer's music. A producer has many roles that may include, but are not limited to, gathering ideas for the project, composing the music for the project, selecting songs or session musicians, proposing changes to the song arrangements, coaching the artist and musicians in the studio, controlling the recording sessions, supervising the entire process through audio mixing and, in some cases, to the audio mastering stage.

Producers often take on a wider entrepreneurial role, with responsibility for the budget, schedules and negotiations. Writer Chris Deville explains it, "Sometimes a producer functions like a creative consultant — someone who helps a band achieve a certain aesthetic, or who comes up with the perfect violin part to complement the vocal melody, or who insists that a chorus should be a bridge. While both contribute creatively, the official credit of "record producer" may depend on the record contract. Christina Aguilera , for example, did not receive record producer credits until many albums into her career.

In the s, the producer role is sometimes divided among up to three different individuals: executive producer, vocal producer and music producer. An executive producer oversees project finances, a vocal producers oversees the vocal production, a music producer oversees the creative process of recording and mixings; the music producer is often a competent arranger , musician or songwriter who can bring fresh ideas to a project.

Gli ostacoli del

The producer oversees the recording engineer who concentrates on the technical aspects of recording. Noted producer Phil Ek described his role as "the person who creatively guides or directs the process of making a record", like a director would a movie. Indeed, in Bollywood music, the designation is music director; the music producer's job is to create and mold a piece of music. The scope of responsibility may be one or two songs or an artist's entire album — in which case the producer will develop an overall vision for the album and how the various songs may interrelate.

At the beginning of record industry, the producer role was technically limited to record, in one shot, artists performing live; the immediate predecessors to record producers were the artists and repertoire executives of the late s and s who oversaw the "pop" product and led session orchestras. The role of producers changed progressively over the s due to technology; the development of multitrack recording caused a major change in the recording process.

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Before multitracking , all the elements of a song had to be performed simultaneously. All of these singers and musicians had to be assembled in a large studio where the performance was recorded. With multitrack recording, the "bed tracks" rhythm section accompaniment parts such as the bassline and rhythm guitar could be recorded first, the vocals and solos could be added using as many "takes" as necessary, it was no longer necessary to get all the players in the studio at the same time. A pop band could record their backing tracks one week, a horn section could be brought in a week to add horn shots and punches, a string section could be brought in a week after that.

The compilation album was released on February 21, in Canada and on March 13, in the United States and Mexico. Music download A music download is the digital transfer of music via the Internet into a device capable of decoding and playing it, such as a home computer, MP3 player or smartphone. This term encompasses both legal downloads and downloads of copyrighted material without permission or legal payment. According to a Nielsen report, downloadable music accounted for Paid downloads are sometimes encoded with Digital Rights Management that restricts copying the music or playing purchased songs on certain digital audio players, they are always compressed using a lossy codec , which reduces file size and bandwidth requirements.

These music resources have been created as a response to expanding technology and needs of customers that wanted easy, quick access to music, their business models respond to the "download revolution" by making legal services attractive for users. Legal music downloads have faced a number of challenges from artists, record labels and the Recording Industry Association of America.

In July , the Universal Music Group decided not to renew their long-term contracts with iTunes; this decision was based upon the issue of pricing of songs, as Universal wanted to be able to charge more or less depending on the artist, a shift away from iTunes' standard—at the time—99 cents per song pricing. Many industry leaders feel that this is only the first of many show-downs between Apple Inc. Their stated goal is to support artists' creativity and help them not be cheated out of money by illegal downloading.

The Recording Industry Association of America launched its first lawsuits on 8 September , against individuals who illegally downloaded music files from the Kazaa FastTrack network. Two years after it began, the campaign survived at least one major legal challenge; the RIAA said it filed suits in February against individuals downloading music files without paying for them in hopes of putting an end to Internet music piracy.

The RIAA hopes their campaign will force people to respect the copyrights of music labels and minimize the number of illegal downloads; the Official Charts Company began to incorporate downloads in the UK Singles Chart on 17 April , at which time Radio 1 stopped broadcasting the separate download chart, although the chart is still compiled. This was on condition that the song must have a physical media release at the same time. In November , the record for the best-selling downloaded single in the United States was held by Gwen Stefani's " Hollaback Girl ", which sold over one million downloads, making it the first song to achieve platinum download status; as of July , the record for the best-selling downloaded single in the United States on the iTunes Store is held by The Black Eyed Peas's " I Gotta Feeling ", which has sold over 8 million downloads.

Soon after his death in , Michael Jackson became the first artist to sell over one million songs downloaded via the Internet in one week. However, Adele marks the most downloads sold by a single song in a week, with "Hello" selling 1. Eminem's seventh studio album, became the first album to sell one million digital copies. Within 24 hours of availability, the album sold , digital copies. Adele's third studio album 25 became the fastest-selling album in a week iTunes history after it was released on 20 November , it sold 1.

Greeeen's song " Ai Uta " ranks as the third highest certified song, with 2. Two more songs have sold more than two million paid downloads: Ayaka's " Mikazuki " and Kobukuro's "Tsubomi"; the most successful ringtone in Japan is Moldovan-Romanian band O-Zone's " Dragostea din tei ", known locally as "Koi no Maiahi", certified as having four million units sold.