Of Your Father, the Devil

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It travels in an orbit and it's somewhere north of the Earth in the Universe. And the same Glory that's in the Heavens is manifesting in the Earth. Even as the Earth can't function without air, without oxygen, Heaven can't function without the Glory. Oh, that's what keeps things operating and running smooth in Heaven, the Glory.

Episode 4225 - In Heaven! Experiencing the Throne of God - Dean Braxton

Unlike on the Earth where we need oxygen to survive, in Heaven all you need is the Glory. Oh, generations before you have longed to see the Glory in manifestation the way that you are about to [see] and the way that you are even now beginning to see in manifestation in your lives. If you'll just take the simple step of worship throughout the day and call on the Name of Jesus.

Just worship God right out of your heart, right in the workplace, silently in your heart, and the Glory will come.

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The Glory will come and enfold and envelope you. Oh, yes, and hold you and bless you and anoint you and provide for you. Oh, and relieve you, bring you relief and release from distress and from fear and from sickness and from poverty. The Glory's flowing in the Earth. Oh, no more praying, no more praying for the Glory.

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Just step into the Glory. No more praying that the Glory would come.

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  5. The Glory's here. I don't say don't pray for the Glory at all. I'm saying, no more years and years and decade after decade and generation after generation, praying and praying and praying, and hoping and praying and believing for it. The Glory's here now. It's in the Earth now. Step into it.

    Come down to the River. Come down to Ezekiel's River and step in to your ankles, to your knees, to your loins, to your waist, over your head. Swim in the River. The Glory is here. Receive the Glory.

    lastsurestart.co.uk/libraries/listen/2534-phone-tracking-lenovo.php Receive miracles through the Glory. Receive financial miracles through the Glory. Now, I'm talking to you prophetically by the Spirit of God. Just let God talk to your heart. Receive whatever might be quickened to you, for [yourself or] for someone you love. Receive it. Come down to Ezekiel's River. Every need, every fiscal need met. Every economic need. Oh, not just individually, not just corporately, but even in your community. Even the businesses in your community, even the unsaved will benefit from the Glory. From the wealth that is a manifestation of the Glory in the Earth.

    Yes, even the children of the world will prosper from that which flows through you.

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    4. Oh yes Buildings paid for supernaturally. Church buildings supernaturally paid off as you step into the Glory. It used to be so that you had to meditate on the Word, meditate on the Word and pray, and pray and meditate on the Word to bring people's faith level up to where God could move in their midst. But now it's easier than that, says the Spirit of God, for my Glory's in the Earth. It's a matter of stepping in through a simple act of worship. Even in your heart right now.

      Wherever you might be listening to the sound of this voice [or reading these words], begin to worship if only in your heart And supernatural things will begin to occur around you, signs, wonders and miracles. For this is the generation that I've birthed you into. I've birthed you, you, you into the Earth for such a time as this. And you're about to experience the miraculous, miraculous outpourings, signs, wonders and financial miracles. Signs, wonders and financial miracles.

      Doors opening to you [now] that never opened to you before, no matter how hard you banged your head or your fist or your foot against it. It wouldn't open. But now it will open as you enter into the Glory.

      In Heaven - Experiencing the Throne of God

      Now those doors will open. You'll walk up and you'll go to grab the door. What is important about this picture is now what all these say:.


      And he who sits on the throne will give them shelter. All of these angels, beings, creatures, and people are before this throne and worshipping. Their actions are saying that he who sits on the throne deserves all praise, honor, worship, and glory. That he who sits on the throne has all authority and that he reigns over them. He who sits on the throne is ultimate in their life.

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      John is seeing that God is the one who is sitting on the throne. Salvation comes through Him, worship is to Him, and all service is done for Him. God in response is looking after, caring for, and providing for all of the needs of those that turn to worshipping him. For you, is it success in your career, acceptance in relationships with others, obtaining lots of money, or experiencing as much pleasure as possible?