Of Your Father, the Devil

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However, it is also quite funny. Here art mirrors life: The book's humor makes the journey bearable. Allow your students to revel in Twain's comedy. For instance, many students find Huck's dialect hilarious. How much of the book is read aloud is a teacher's prerogative, but the teacher, to allow students the opportunity to hear the speech patterns effectively performed must read the first portion of the book aloud.

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Read with flair! Play Huck to the hilt! If you have an associate who can do it better, invite him into your classroom for a guest reading. You cannot over emphasize Huck's wretched grammar. Poking fun at both characters This leads to a second crucial point: No fun can be poked at Jim that cannot be poked at Huck. The book's detractors have missed, or ignored, this fact.

Teaching Huckleberry Finn: Part One

Are Huck's speech patterns any more impressive? Are Pap's? Twain's eye for human inconsistency is the soul of his beautiful ironies. In Huck Finn , characters who mock Jim's ignorance are themselves awash in ignorance. Student readers must be made to grasp this.

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For example, early in the novel, Jim manifests his superstitious nature through his declared belief in witches. However, this does not take place until after Chapter 1, wherein Huck already has revealed himself to be equally irrational; he frets over the bad luck that killing a spider surely must bring him and over the omens inherent in the howling of dogs and the hootings of owls. These ironies are richly, though subtly, scattered throughout the novel. My African American students, especially, became adept at uncovering them. One such student took particular delight in pointing out Huck's ignorance of the trappings of European royalty in Chapter 14, the very chapter in which Huck declares the impossibility of teaching Jim anything at all.

Discovering these dualities is your students' key to understanding the novel. Huck is much smarter than Jim Jim knows nothing about children and family life Huck Finn teaches us this: That which we're certain we know of others is, more often than not, as suspect as that which we're certain we know of ourselves.

Sometimes, though, Twain's humor conceals nothing profound; it's simply comedy for comedy's sake. This is another reason the book works. Teenagers' television and movie choices testify to their love of silliness.

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  • Many of my students laughed out loud at my reading of the ridiculous conversations of Tom Sawyer's gang Chapter 2 and Huck's female impersonation Chapter Affect a falsetto in the latter performance -- even if you're already a woman -- and let your students enjoy the parody. Real learning takes place All is not fun and games, however, and Huck Finn 's more serious episodes provide the final arena wherein real learning will take place.

    Huck is sometimes a clown; he is at all times a rebel. Summary Chapter 1.

    Page 1 Page 2. Summary: Chapter 1. Previous section Notice and Explanatory Next page Chapter 1 page 2. Test your knowledge Take the Chapter 1 Quick Quiz. Read a translation Read a translation of Chapter 1. The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn: Popular pages. Log In Join Us.

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    Perfect for a student-led or teacher-led Huckleberry Finn. English Language Arts , Reading , Literature. Add to cart. Wish List. There are lesson plans for a 15 day unit, including a rationale for using the text, unit maps, hand outs, projects, essays, rubrics, and a physical representation of how different learning styles and tools will be used technology, etc.

    The unit theme is: O. Grammar , Literature , Writing-Essays. Unit Plans. Complete Huckleberry Finn Unit Plan. This is a bundle of high quality resources to be used in the teaching of the classic novel The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn.

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    Included in this package are: - Life on the Mississippi film quiz can choose whether or not to use - Huck Finn anticipation guide to go over before reading the novel that. Unit Plans , Activities , Assessment. Adventures of Huckleberry Finn Unit. Includes pacing guide, pre-reading, film essay, activities, reading quizzes, notes, posters, author study, character analysis and discussions. This unit plan contains everything you need to add relevance an.