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These articles range from discussing basic NLP concepts to challenging your current way of thinking and how you curren These articles range from discussing basic NLP concepts to challenging your current way of thinkin Overall I have been successful in getting my books published and sold. Once the burden of all that negativity lifts, solutions to problems may somehow occur to us, opportunities may be easier to recognize and the spring in our step that much more apparent.

Whether you can control certain things or not, learning to let go is a healthy approach to healthy living.

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You want to be a success. You aspire to the recognition and rewards that go along with it. What comes first, however, is putting in the work required to make it to the finish line. On the other hand, when you love what you do, you not only bring joy and satisfaction to your day, you also tend to produce excellent work. There is no downside to loving your work, except, perhaps the inclination to spend more time at it than you should. When that happens, your life gets out of balance and other important relationships may suffer, such as those with your loved ones, family members and friends.

Suppose, however, that you are in an entry-level job that involves low pay, repetitive tasks, and not much room for advancement. How can you remedy this? All this will help you in your next career move. And life is so much better when you have a positive, hopeful attitude. It makes every day more pleasant, less stressful and gets you one step closer to where you want to eventually be. Figure out ways to make it better, to bring more satisfaction into what you do. This is excellent training and a logical, effective way to instill a healthy habit that will serve you well throughout your career and life.

Are you searching to get more out of life? Does your daily grind wear you down? Do you want to feel inspired, energized, enthusiastic, creative and filled with joy? Sounds great, right?


Where do we sign up? Actually, you sign up by your intention to live a better way. And that better way begins the moment you give yourself permission to absorb all the goodness and positivity that life has to offer.

Living is something so much more than that. Furthermore, you do it with your own sense of style and grace. Making the transition from mere survival to enjoying life to the fullest will evolve over time. It takes some practice and getting used to. Here are some tips to get started. Think about what success means to you. Is it the achievement of a certain position at work, recognition among your peers, national or international fame, being considered the go-to resource, the one who gets the job done no matter what?

Does success, in your view, constitute having a huge financial cushion, owning multiple properties or a single comfortable home?

Live your dreams let reality catch up 5 step action plan by roger ellerton -

Is it your lavish jewelry or painting collection, the quality of your wardrobe, designer furniture and appliances, a flashy sports car or a garage full of expensive vehicles? Or, is success the pride you feel in always doing your best, being true to your word, living up to your promises, striving to find solutions to problems when others are inclined to quit, always being there for those who depend on and look up to you? And, yes, leadership is a brand, a unique product of everything you put into it. Keep in mind that the kind of leader you are evolves over time.

As you acquire skills and achieve goals, your confidence builds. Striving to maintain a balance between what is good for the company, the employees, customers and society is a challenging job. But a good leader, a successful one, will not shy away from this role. In fact, his or her success often depends on it.

Change is Coming

What have you found makes you more effective in leading others? Did you achieve success quickly or did it take a long time? Finally, do you feel you are evolving as a leader and as a success? I post highlights from my blog , my Daily Thoughts and more. Loyalty is, without question, valuable. If they promise something and fail to deliver, do you owe them loyalty? If they take you for granted, whether as a customer, a citizen, a friend, co-worker, employee, family member or loved one, should you blindly reward them by being loyal?

Are you sure?

But even then, if that individual consistently shows a lack of regard for your loyalty, it might be time for a candid conversation about dignity, mutual respect, and decent human interaction. Personally, I pride myself on being loyal. If I like a company or their products or services, I tend to remain a customer.

As a Starbucks Gold customer, I also get other perks. This is typical of rewards that the best companies offer their customers.

Personalized service, attention to detail, friendliness and a comfortable environment all play into how we feel about the business. Just keep in mind that loyalty is a two-way street. If others want your loyalty, they have to earn it. Do sideways looks get under your skin? Are you offended when someone ignores you at a social gathering, feel slighted when your calls, texts and emails remain unanswered? What about deliberate offenses, such as backbiting, gossiping, prodding you to anger, sadness, insecurity or shame? Instead of allowing the rude or thoughtless remark to upset you, urge your soul to rise above it as if it is a physical thing that you can elevate.

You do have influence, you know. You can, therefore, encourage yourself to let your soul reside in a far loftier plane than the one where the offender resides. That way, the offense or slight cannot get to your soul, is unable to mar your outlook or poison your day. Remember, too, that the air is clear, the sun shines always and possibilities are endless where your soul flies free. Keep this image in mind when others snap, argue, try to hurt you by their comments and actions. What is it that stirs your thoughts, fills you with anticipation, motivates you to take action?

What you might not realize is that what you are so earnestly seeking is simultaneously seeking you.

7) Find someone who has done what want to do

That may sound a little out there, but not if you believe in the transformative powers of making dreams reality. If you put forth your efforts and devote your focus on a single goal, you are more likely to be successful in the endeavor than if you only act perfunctorily, without enthusiasm or determination. This is not only true of achievement of tangible results — like completing a comprehensive report or presentation at work — but also being successful in developing a lasting friendship, building a romantic bond, nurturing your children and realizing emotional enrichment.

The goal — what you seek — is circling around, not yet fulfilled, but waiting for you to find it and bring it into reality. Granted, your search may entail longer than you think or would like. It may require sacrifice, additional training, modification of certain behaviors and elimination of some habits and developing new ones. You might need other resources or allies or rely on the encouragement and support of your network.

You want to help bring hope to those who have none. Your goal is to make a difference in a particular area of expertise.

Forgiveness Is Giving Up All Hope of a Better Past

To do so requires years of study and practice, as in medicine, psychology, law, engineering, architectural design. Whatever it is that you seek, the closer you get to your goal, the more vivid and real it becomes. Your enthusiasm builds and spurs you forward. Life is meant to be experienced, not endured.

What you choose to pursue, the dreams and goals that lift your spirits and make you smile, are the ones that emanate from the seeker in you. If you want the time, you must make it.