Of Your Father, the Devil

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Devin Nunes. Data compiled by Advertising Analytics, which tracks ad buys throughout the election, shows that the former New York mayor has invested the seven-figure sum in over 25 markets, including in Florida, Texas, Massachusetts, California, Pennsylvania, Mississippi and Michigan. Already a subscriber?

Devil's Food

Log in or link your magazine subscription. Account Profile. Sign Out. Tags: patricia field meryl streep in other news. Most Viewed Stories. Top House Democrat says ethics probe of Nunes is likely over alleged meeting with Ukrainian about Bidens. Most Popular. As Pompeo faces scrutiny over his role in Ukraine, documents further tie him to Giuliani.

Exclusive: Giuliani associate willing to tell Congress Nunes met with ex-Ukrainian official to get dirt on Biden. I heard about a Young Republicans gathering in Manhattan where these two men would be speaking. Dragon kind and Night Wing gargoyles were not on friendly terms. Territorial disputes in his homeland had made them natural enemies.

But here? That would remain to be seen. Not that he would mind tangling with one.

Volvar 1 - Synopses of 'The Volsung Variations'

Seemed like he was setting more blazes at the end rather than putting them down. What remains to be seen are when and where they choose to rear their ugly heads. I spoke with your last employer and he said you were the best, most unobtrusive operative he had. The two men glanced at each other, a pregnant pause filling the room.

Any information withheld could jeopardize Thorne meeting whatever goal they had in mind. I thought your females were fierce. Reid crossed his arms over his chest. You and I both know that bastard damaged her. To hear that her beast had been harmed was unacceptable. War with men he understood well, but not females.

Women being abused made his skin crawl. The advantages and benefits of writing a monthly column about reading for the Believer are innumberable, if predictable: fame, women it's amazing what people will do to get early information about the Books Bought list , international influence, and so on. But perhaps the biggest perk of all, one that has only emerged slowly, over the years, is this: you can't read long books. Well, I can't, anyway.

I probably read between two and three hundred pages, I'm guessing, during the average working week, and I have the impression - please correct me if I'm wrong - that if you saw only one book in the Books Read list at the top there, it would be very hard to persuade you to plough through what would, in effect, be a two-thousand-word book review. And as a consequence, there are all sorts of intimidating-looking eight-hundred-pagers that I feel completely justified in overlooking.

I am ignoring them for your benefit, effectively, although it would be disingenuous to claim that I spend my month resenting you. On the contrary, there have been times when, watching friends or fellow passengers struggling through some au courant literary monster, I have wanted to kiss you. For the most part, though, there's a "Stuff I've Been Reading"-induced five-hundred-page cutoff. If I were walking home down a dark alley, and I got jumped by a gang of literary hooligans who held me up against a wall and threatened me with a beating unless I told them who my favourite writer was Well, I wouldn't tell them.

I'd take the beating, rather than crudify my long and sophisticated relationship with great books in that way.

Death Becomes Her

The older I get, the less sense it makes, that kind of definitive answer, to this or any other question. But let's say the thugs then revealed that they knew where I lived, and made it clear that they were going to work over my children unless I gave them what they wanted. After all, we more or less invented the stuff. First, I would do a quick head count: my seven-year-old can look after himself in most situations, and I would certainly fancy his chances against people who express any kind of interest, even a violent one, in the arts.

If, however, there were simply too many of them, I would eventually, and reluctantly, cough up the name of Charles Dickens. I'm pretty sure that Katie would be entertained by this Book project of mine, and I think, proud of me for doing it. Katie would have read this Hornby collection in an hour or two, giggling all the while. In she found herself addressing an overflow audience at Mitchell Playhouse in Corvallis, Orgegon, home of Oregon State University She proceeded to give a stimulating talk on the current state of movies, then took questions from the audience.

Then she went on to explain that she felt the need to write in the flush of her initial, immediate response to a movie. If she waited too long, and pondered the film over repeated viewings, she felt that she might be in danger of coming up with somehting that wouldn't be her truest response. He told her that, having seen the film again recently, he had found it sentimental and unconvincing, and wondered if she still recalled it with enthusiasm.

After a stiff silence punctuated only by the clearing of throats and the rustling of programs, Kael fixed her gaze on the man for a moment and gave him a catnip smile. This was the Kael that her army of readers at The New Yorker had come to worship - bold, clear-eyed, pithy, a brilliant critical thinker unafraid of a flash of showmanship.

Do you remember your first fuck? I'm flooded with thoughts and impressions: 1. Years ago, while living in Toronto on Oxford St. Brent Hamer hooked me up with this one see previous paragraph. He never lets the turkeys get him down. He bucks the entire Presbyterian ethic which I was raised, osmotically, to follow. But Bukowski, and his Bukowski-like narrator, care about something harder-won, and harder to define.

The friend who was with me said, "Says something about his writing, doesn't it? Something was happening here. I didn't know, when I began this particular post, that Ursula Le Guin had just died. Eight days ago, aged 88, at her home in Portland, Oregon. Fortunately for us, in both cases, we have their work, through which we still have their love and wisdom.

The rest of the story is what happens when Kvothe sets out to learn the name of the wind. Le Guin.

See a Problem?

They know my name. They hiss at me as I go by. The titles are my recriminations. They cause me to feel inadequate, exhausted, and overwhelmed. I walk amongst them like a contented pedestrian perambulating through a favourite, familiar city in springtime. When we're in love, my books are my kin and my home. But books, if you love them, will only love you back. And maybe that's why I'm typing these words: to give my books some love.


An airport book! I didn't read the book while seated in 32D on the way to wherever , and I didn't read it when it sat on the only bookshelf in the wee one-room apartment I shared with my then-girlfriend for a year and a half. Are you scaared? Hah hahah hahahha! You're no bookworm! You'll never read me , 'Bookworm'! I'd be, like, "Hmm. This seems to be the one where Jack Reacher knows everything about