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Crandall that the alarm was set at 2 am and both clock and alarm have run down, Burger stating the police have better things to do than wind clocks, the judge saying there needn't be an argument and asking Mason what he wants to do. Incorrect show summary : The show summary incorrectly states that the trial convened in the room where Kane was killed.

It actually convened in Ellen Crandall's bedroom in the building next door. Submitted by Duffy, Submitted by H. It is available on DVD. The head detective, not named Tragg, was played by Barton MacLane, who played a similar role in The Maltese Falcon and probably countless others. He appeared in four PM tv episodes. Also making an appearance in the film was Errol Flynn - no lines, though, as he played the corpse for just a few seconds at the very end. JohnK 14 March This is the second of three PM appearances for Christine White. She was born in Washington, DC, in and passed there in She had an English degree from the University of North Carolina This is the first of 33 PM appearances for S.

John Launer Judge , who had recently appeared in 23 of 26 episodes of Erle Stanley Gardner's "Court of Last Resort", which dramatized authentic cases where ESG tried to establish the innocence of incarcerated individuals In the deposition scene with Philip, Carl, Mason, "Burger" and the stenographer, notice how we only ever see the back of "Burger's" head, and how careful the actor is not to move his head at all or turn it so we can see more of his profile. The haircut doesn't look like Burger's haircut, and the ears don't look like Burger's ears: most likely a stand-in.

Bad Accent Dept. Mason may have a sharp mind but he has no ear for accents; he credits the blonde he bumps into as having a "Jersey City accent," but she exhibits not a trace of it. This is the first of many episodes in which William Hopper works with an actor he had worked with before PM. He and S. John Launer worked together a few years earlier in an episode of Gunsmoke, "Robin Hood".

Launer played a judge in that episode too! Mike Bedard 5. This is the first of two consecutive episodes where an alarm clock plays a crucial role. In both episodes we see Perry winding the clock in court although at least it's not the same clock. Submitted by 65tosspowertrap, Free rent: How long did Perry allow Sidney to stay in the apartment? Camera Focus problems? This episode had two scenes were the camera focus did not seem right. The first was when Perry was standing by the jury box and Burger at his table.

The camera was behind the jury. During this sceene even after Burger stopped talking and Perry continued, the camera focus was on Burger and Perry was always severely out of focus. The second time was at the scene where we got the confession with Perry and Burger were in focus while the murderer was clearly out of focus as he talked.

Incredible Parlor Trick Annex If TCOT Caretaker's Cat - 14 episodes on - is "without doubt the most convoluted of all episodes," then this episode, without doubt, contains the most absurd client-aiding strategy in the entire series: not only does Perry go to all the trouble of buying an apartment house for a simple demonstration, he tampers with evidence, and explicitly directs someone to give misleading testimony.

I don't have trouble with the latter two elements - on the contrary they seem much in keeping with the wily defender portrayed in the novels - but rather with the idea that he would admit to such in open court, and the judge would do no more than look on amusingly. Even in the implausible perryllel universe that is the show, it's beyond credibility that anything less than a n immediate mistrial, and charges of obstruction of justice - if not disbarrment - would result.

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Ranted by Notcom, He went to a lot of trouble to create the false testimony that the neighbor, Ellen, heard the alarm clock at 2 am, rather than the doorbell at am. But it was also pointless. But this decisive confrontation could have been done without any tampering with evidence as to the time of death. BTW, the fact that he bought the apartment complex, which entitled him to enter, would not have protected him from a charge of obstructing justice.

The original doorbells were never submitted as evidence, only the one that the buzzer hating tenant that moved in installed. Indeed, the vital clue is so obvious that even on first viewing we knew the killer from the moment that garage door wouldn't close. All that rigmarole with bells and buzzers was just a lot of filler meant to show how clever Perry was in defending his client. He did nothing illegal or unethical. He just cleverly maneuvered Burger into showing his own witness was not particularly credible.

He figures that she will soon fold and reveal that she is there he own behalf and they can then get down to business. But the woman fools him and instead of caving, she gets up and leaves in a huff.


The Case of the Curious Bride by Erle Stanley Gardner

The plot thickens when Perry discovers that the woman accidentally left her purse in the famous leather client chair. Naturally, there's a gun in the purse. Perry now feels morally obligated to assist the woman even though she has given Della a fake name, address and phone number. Of course this won't deter Perry in the slightest. He puts Paul Drake on the case and inevitably, by the end of the afternoon, he knows more about the woman than she knows about herself.

Naturally there will be a murder; Perry's client will be arrested and charged and things will look awfully black. Of course the D. Things move a mile a minute and at one point, the D. In the end, of course, there will be a great courtroom scene and Mason will again demonstrate his agile mind and his incomparable skill at cross-examining hostile witnesses. This is a quick fun read that would be enjoyed by anyone who likes to occasionally return to the golden age of the pulp paperback novel.

This is my first Perry Mason mystery and I really enjoyed it. I can get over the sexism a sign of the times and the use of full names This is my Perry Mason This was once again a very exciting and fast-paced Perry Mason mystery. As usual, before I could even get my head around what was happening, or what the matter was all about, Mason had already begun to lay the foundations for the case, and spinning a web in which he sews up the prosecution as always, also solving the mystery in the process.

Enjoyed reading this one.

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Recently married Rhoda Montaine consults Perry Mason when her previous husband, thought to have died in a plane crash, turns up alive and blackmails her for money. When he is killed and Rhoda is arrested, Perry Mason is again in the middle of a murder case.

Case of Curious Bride Audiobook - Erle Stanley Gardner

I am slowly rereading the books in order this time and they are just as good as I remember. A fast paced mystery with plenty of twists and tricks. Perry Mason is brilliant as always. The appeal of Perry Mason, his secretary Della Street and detective Paul Drake lie in their putting truth and justice ahead of money and safety and doing so with cleverness and enjoyment. Once again they put it all on the line for their client. In the Case of the Curious Bride they take on the smugness of inherited wealth, the evil of con men who prey on women and a District Attorneys who rush to judgement.

These mysteries are fun who-done-its that use deep psychological motives with the The appeal of Perry Mason, his secretary Della Street and detective Paul Drake lie in their putting truth and justice ahead of money and safety and doing so with cleverness and enjoyment. These mysteries are fun who-done-its that use deep psychological motives with the subtlety they deserve. This book had the curious woman asking questions for her friend. When she leaves Perry because of his obvious disbelief, she leaves having paid for his services in advanced. Perry searches for her and only when she is about to be accused of murder of her long missing husband does he locate her.

Perry Mason and the Case of the Curious Bride : A Radio Dramatization

He provides some amazing lawyer tricks in the last moments to bring the truth to light. The blackmailer is a grimy guy and really deserves what he gets. I love the way Earle Stanley Gardner writes and how This book had the curious woman asking questions for her friend. I love the way Earle Stanley Gardner writes and how his mind works. I just love Perry Mason and his crew.

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This is the fifth book that Erle Stanley Gardner has written. Definitely one of my favorites. Of all the "Perry Mason" films of the 's there were six films, produced from to , this one has to be the best Warren William, who played Mason in more of these films than anyone else, elevates this short murder mystery from programmer to an 'almost-A' feature. Claire Dodd, as Della Street, is little more than window dressing, as were all of the "Della's" in these early Warners' Perry Mason films.

The best supporting role was that of Olin Howard as the coroner, who is also Perry's good buddy, and frequent dining partner. The veteran character actress, Margaret Lindsay is the "Curious Bride" of the title. The real surprise the first time I saw this was seeing Errol Flynn doing a "bit" part in a flashback sequence at the end of the film. Flynn has a non-speaking part as Margaret Lindsay's first husband. This flashback scene is narrated by the Curious Bride's current husband, played by Donald Woods who would later play Perry Mason in another of these Warner Brothers efforts, though not anywhere as entertainingly as Warren William.

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  8. The use of soft-focus fades for every scene change, at first seems to help move the story, but can also be a bit irritating. Directed by Michael Curtiz, this swift-moving murder mystery has the feel of many of Curtiz's bigger-budgeted Warner films, and is easily the best of the Mason series.

    At the same time, it is not too unlike the other 5 Mason films that Warners produced. Unfortunately, Warren William could not play Mason in all of these films, but overlooking that fact, all six of the Warners "Perry Mason" films, including "The Case of the Stuttering Bishop", "The Case of the Velvet Claws," and "The Case of the Lucky Legs" are very faithful to the source material, and all are entertainingly done.

    By the way-- because all of these films were adapted from original Earl Stanley Gardner stories, all of these titles showed up in the 's, produced as episodes in Raymond Burr's "Perry Mason" TV series. It's very interesting to see the different treatment these stories were given on TV. View 1 comment.