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With humorous and concise examples, the writers of the show make a case in favor of the Greek requests, at least on moral grounds. They did the research on their own and it is absolutely faithful to reality. I did not expect such a reception by the German public, which actually paid to come and spontaneously applauded when I appeared. At the end I had to bow three times after all the hot and loud applause.

The German Guy with The Typos

I was really touched. Not only did this tragic happened in Distomo but many places in Greece including Northern Epirus when the Albanians helped the Nazis with their mass killing and deportations of local Greeks! Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. Lists with This Book. This book is not yet featured on Listopia. Community Reviews. Showing Average rating 0. Rating details.

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All Languages. More filters. Sort order. There are no discussion topics on this book yet. The thing is, if I've got a card of some type in front of me, and all the words are spelled correctly it's easier to state that all is correct.

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People know - or can very easily check - how to spell the names of countries, etc. If there's a spelling error it's really easy to spot. If, however, the mis-spelling is intentional then forgeries with different mis-spellings will be harder to spot.

The brain will easily differentiate between "correct spelling" and "wrong spelling", but less easily between "wrong spelling official " and "wrong spelling unofficial ". I read the article just two minutes ago, and I can't say for certain whether the intentional mis-spelling will use "Belguim" or "Begluim" or "Beglium". It just makes it harder to learn what an authentic card looks like. People will stop short of checking the exact spelling, and just look for a wrongly spelled word. Anyone who doesn't like to hear about the issues Bruce covers in his blog should stop reading and spend that time doing their own "hard core" crypto work or whatever.

I find this blog to be an excellent source of news and opinion. If you don't find it valuable, and you read it anyway, what does that say about you? The excuse: I don't do much consulting anymore. I found consulting to be a wonderful breeding ground for cryptographic ideas, both design and analysis. The reason: My career has been an endless series of generalizations. While I still enjoy academic cryptography, and still publish the occasional paper, my interests today are more about security policy, economics, and psychology.

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I have the luxury of being able to do mostly do what I want to do, and this is what I mostly want to do. This is not to say that I don't miss cryptography. I just like this stuff more right now. And this is not to say that I won't change the focus of what I'm doing again in the future; that seems likely.

Tobias D. I'm belgian and there are no spelling errors I checked on my ID.

Can the Duolingos Harm Your German?

I work in a busy retail environment, and I would much prefer that my cashiers be able to spot a fake in under 10 seconds than that it would be proven a fake in a lab or law court. Arnaud has clearly explained that the rumour is not true, yet kWe has still described that if the false rumour were true, then it would be a bad idea. Actually this is quite an old defence used previously in money bills and passports in number of countries. Texas drivers licenses have an intentionally missing dot over an "i" in some printing on the back of the card.

It's surprisingly hard to spot even when you know there's a missing dot but not exactly which letter. However, when you know where to look it's a really easy verification step. Of course, as somebody mentioned above this kind of error is easily spotted with image difference analysis. Perhaps the creators of this card expect that counterfiters will spend more time on the much more complex front of the card, than the simple bare lettering on the back.

The Typo Slayer | Dissent Magazine

UK's Ordnance Survey the state's cartographic unit puts "mistakes" into maps to catch copyright thieves. Since the "mistakes" are works of fiction, they're protected by copyright, as well as being clear enough evidence of copying. Misspellings as an anti-counterfeiting measure does not make sense, it probably is a rumour. I would add that most Western European Countries have long traditions of using ID cards, which also means that they have some standards in making counterfeiting more difficult.

With regards to anti-counterfeiting measures, western European states have used multiple security measures on bank notes over the past 50 years. These include Watermarks, metal stripes, holograms, colour that changes in light, braille markings etc The last Deutsch Mark notes used 6 security measures.

Spelling: it’s impotent.

The present Euro notes use 5 security measures. Returning to the original issue - misspellings as a security measure. With so many hi-tech measures that can be used and that are being used to make counterfeiting difficult I would be very surprised if the Belgian Government would turn to a low-tech misspelling in order to combat counterfeit. I have an ID card from Belgium. I am currently getting a new one. I have seen current ID cards being handed out now. In my opinion this rumor is exactly what it is: a rumor. My current ID card has no spelling mistakes.

Neither will the new card have any. Don't take this wrong, but I am really confused at the image Americans must have from Europe when they receive silly rumors such as this one. We have refridgerators like American citizens do even better ones as they consume less electricity and are less dangerous to the environment , we sleep in beds and yes, we even have electricity which doesn't break down at a sudden in wide regions if it starts to snow.

Imagine that!

I can almost forgive the average American if he mistakes "Belgium" for the name of a company producing chocolate, but the rumor Bruce published here is absolutely embarrassing. Bruce, if it comforts you, I'm willing to scan the part of my new ID card that is supposed to be misspelled and mail it to you. I should have the new card in a couple of weeks. No need.