Of Your Father, the Devil

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I was looking for comedy and fun The package said PG So funny!!! MillerShops, August 13, Verified purchaser. Lulabell, March 20, LOVE this movie! Absolutely hilarious, and sadly relatable. I know how to use a whip.

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For the ladies, in the movie you talk a little bit about soul mates. I believe there are many soul mates, because my soul has a lot of different facets and it needs a lot of different…. Our souls are mates in some part of our souls. They found each other. Leslie, in the film you tackle Cameron.

How many times did you have to do it? Cameron has really long legs and a short torso, and I have a really long torso and shorter legs. Her torso is all torque. She just completely powers up, and she torques and torques and torques, and then all of a sudden she just explodes. It just became basically like sticky balls where you throw it on and it just sticks.

Lifetime Original Movie The Other Woman 1995 Jill Eikenberry TV Movie

It kind of turned into that. Well, it always got stopped before it went too far. It was funny because in the script there was no physical comedy scripted and we just started finding it in these little places. And then, as we did it, we just realized. She would basically hold onto me and then I would writhe in any way possible to try to get her off.

My ass is going to be facing this way. Do you mind maybe just standing over there during this take because something is going to happen.

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I felt bad for him. No thanks! This is a story about friendship, but there is cheating involved. Have any of you ever been cheated on, and was there a moment in the filming of this that you had to draw on that experience? In the movie, your characters had to relate under crazy circumstances.

How did you guys relate in real life during filming to each other as friends? We all did. We had a couple of dinners together. Cameron and I had a four-hour dinner and talked about everything. And then, we had a cast dinner which was really nice.

What it's really like being the other woman in an affair

Cameron, for me, is like the teacher. I just love these girls and these boys, too. We have a Twitter question for the guys from Giulia Rose, whose name might be spelled Giuliana Rancic.

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  4. So, use your imagination, but yeah. It could be anything — a physical activity outdoors or indoors. It takes a lot of heavy weather to snuff out the spark of Cameron Diaz who, at 41, still has the twinkle and bounce of an impish high school cheerleader. One of her gifts as an comic actor is a light touch. Diaz has her hands full. This female revenge comedy is so dumb, lazy, clumsily assembled and unoriginal, it could crush any actor forced to execute its leaden slapstick gags and mouth its crude, humorless dialogue by the first-time screenwriter Melissa K.