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When another stripper is brutally attacked and left for dead in a dumpster, Tom fears for Simon's safety -- a fear that is borne out when Simon is held hostage by the murderer during a faceoff with the police and a SWAT team.

Come out from the shadow of that red rock and I will show you joy in a handful of leaves. It isn't easy being the head of security on an inter-planetary transport ship between Earth and Titan. Lieutenant Cal Hartland is not impressed when he's tasked to oversee the reintegration to Earth of mind readers who have been banished to a colony on Mars.

Despite the fitting of cortical inhibitors, Cal is suspicious that the Minders are still dangerous, a fear that becomes personal when he has a startling emotional reaction to the leader of the small group, Commander Zero. Just as Cal is struggling to accept his feelings for the Martian, a mutilated body is discovered in the bowels of the ship.

Why does Zero appear to know more about this terrible murder than any neutralised mind reader should? Trapped in the endless darkness of space and with the body count growing, can Cal trust anything about the enigmatic and beautiful Zero? It's funny how one small circumstance of being in the wrong place at the wrong time can fuck up the life you had.

Odin James's world changed forever when he witnessed his best friend being murdered.

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The people he thought were meant to protect him may just be working for the man who wants him dead. Trust doesn't come easy--throw a mate into the mix and everything suddenly slides out of control. Tom Wylie is the beta of his pack. When his alpha requests he take a police witness and keep him safe, Tom doesn't know what he's getting into. One sniff of the man, and he knows Odin is his mate. Protecting Odin from the bad shit after him is a given.

The Fortieth Door by Mary Hastings Bradley

Life gets complicated when they realise things aren't what they seem. Odin isn't as human as he believed, and his birthright wants him dead. With the help of Tom's pack, will Odin and Tom beat the odds thrown at them, and come out on top, or will evil win? Kellan Largant and Bastet are drawn into an ancient battle while learning to love each other. Kellan Largent is a grad student at Harvard.

His thesis is on ancient Egyptian religious cults. While immersed in his research, he comes across an obscure reference to the Earth Warrior cult. Little does he know that one sentence in a dusty tattered book will engulf him in a battle between good and evil. A battle that could be the end of the world as he knows it.

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The stray cat wandering the streets around Kellan's house is more than an abandoned feline. Bastet has roamed the earth from the days when Egypt was young. He's watched the pharaohs rise and fall. New gods come and go.


His purpose has remained the same: Protect the earth at all costs and keep the secrets of the Earth Warriors from regular mortals. He's sent to keep Kellan Largent from finding out the truth about the cult, but also to keep the unsuspecting college student alive. One man will do anything for the spell that created the Warriors.

He wants immortality and killing Kellan for the secret is just the beginning of the trouble he'll cause to get what he wants. David Lloyd has always cherished the assistance of his former police colleagues, so he can hardly refuse when one calls in a favour.

But a murder fifty years cold may prove to be his most difficult case yet, especially with a victim that has never been identified. After a chance viewing of an old photograph the investigation suddenly has new leads, taking David back to the past and into the realm of a savage serial killer. Can he finally crack the case and give a young woman the justice she deserves?

Detective Mike King finds himself investigating international intrigue while the worst blizzard in Chicago history rages outside.

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A group of gay computer hackers desperately asks for his help and protection. As Mike King and his cohorts deal with the usual apocalyptic folderol of spies, plots, and fear, they have to blast their way, or trudge their way through building mountains of snow. A dead body, no one can find, plots against various characters and governments and individuals around the world become centered on a group of gay self-proclaimed Robin Hoods. It's up to Mike King to sort it out before the world caves in on them or himself.

The Harold Calloway Theatre on West 47th Street is home to the new play Triskaidekaphobia, and its playwright has been receiving threatening messages. Theatre owner and lead producer Wellington Calloway has hired Jimmy to investigate, but it's a case not without its complications. His mother is the head usher there, and Jimmy grew up on its aisles. His ex, Remy, is also the costume designer for the show, a man he hasn't seen in years. Further making his life difficult is the mysterious Seetha Assan, who is connected--albeit tentatively--to the case that forever haunts Jimmy--his own father's murder.

She may just have the clue to help him finally solve the cold case. As Opening Night for the play looms, Jimmy finds himself involved in a nest of egos and personalities, all while seeking to find the missing Seetha. Toss in his on-again, off-again relationship with Captain Francis X. Frisano, and suddenly Jimmy's life is edging toward tragedy.

That's when a murderer strikes, and suddenly nothing is pretend anymore. Life on the stage has turned all too real, and all too deadly. Just like on the mean streets of Manhattan. For gay, metaphysical sleuth Dr. Minnow Saint James, the workplace spans time, space, dimensions, and the entirety of the vast, incomprehensible affair that is God's Creation. At forty, Dr. Minnow Saint James, "Minn" to his friends, is a gay, metaphysical sleuth who, through Past Life Regression therapy, spans time, space, dimensions, and the entirety of God's Creation to discover the past, or future, life origins of his patient's most challenging present day problems.

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Minn did not always hold his current beliefs. He was born into an affluent, atheistic, Republican family in Beverly Hills, California, and raised to believe only what his five physical senses reported. For six years he enjoyed his life, until a patient spontaneously regressed herself to a past life in Eighth Century Coba, turning Minn's world upside down. Soon he was questioning his entire worldview. As a last resort, a gay married ex-sailor turns to a Past Life Regression therapist to help him heal his chronic holiday blues. For most people, the Winter Holiday Season means family, fun, mistletoe, music, merriment, parties, and presents.

In short, it's the happiest time of the year. Not so for twenty-nine-year-old, ex-sailor, and gay married man, Michael Bourlard. For fifteen years, this blond and buff man has been traumatized by yearly holiday blues that last the entirety of December. Over the years, Michael has sought the help of medical doctors, psychiatrists, traditional therapists, New Age crystal and magnet therapies, hoping to shake away the holiday blues.

But it has all been to no avail. Finally, in an act of desperation, Michael turns to his last, best, hope: Dr. But can Dr. Saint James find the origin of his patient's annual malady in a past life, or will Michael be staying in bed with the covers pulled over his head, and listening to "Eve of Destruction," while everyone else enjoys "Silent Night," yet again, when the clock strikes December 1, ? A 'clothing optional' gay resort is threatened by a vandal with perhaps more than just destroying property on his mind.